2017 Illinois Society Forum

The ISGS Governing Board is proud to announce a new event at the annual Fall Conference:  The Illinois Society Forum.
This exciting event will bring together representatives from local Illinois genealogy societies with the purpose of supporting the needs of these local societies and connecting the services of ISGS. 
  • Maximize Your ISGS member benefits: ISGS board members plan to share information about membership benefits that are often missed by societies and individuals. 
  • Meet Other Society Leaders: Forum attendees will be able to meet representatives from other societies across the state of Illinois. 
  • Let's Hear from You: ISGS Directors are very interested in the needs of local societies. A majority of the Forum time will give local society representatives opportunities to share their needs and prioritize their interests. 
Illinois Society Presidents are invited to identify 1 or 2 representatives to attend, including themselves.
These 2 representatives must register for the event, as seating is limited. Fill out the form on the conference registration. 
The Illinois Society Forum is FREE to any Illinois Society and the society does NOT have to be a member of ISGS at this time.  Registration for the ISGS conference is not required in order to attend the Forum.  But we hope you do!
Forum attendees will be able to attend this event on Friday morning from 10-12 and still have time to go through registration for the conference and have lunch before the first session.
Register today and join us for a cup of coffee while meeting other society leaders across the state of Illinois
QUESTIONS: For more information about this event, please contact Illinois Society Liaison Chair Kim Hanks - isgssocieties@ilgensoc.org